The ABC’s of Summer: Q, R, S, T and U

under the apple tree

Q is for Quiet.

Lying under the apple tree quiet…

early morning

Early morning quiet…

(If you don’t get up early around here, there is no quiet…)

ugh. Rabbit

R is for rabbit.

A plague upon the land this summer…

fennel seeds

S is for seeds.

Fennel seeds, for baking in the winter. Or tea…they make a tasty tea!

nigella seed pod

Nigella seed pods, for scattering everywhere.


T is for tomatoes…

That’s a basket full of summer, right there…

Uncle Ollie plays Trains

U is for Uncles.

Uncle Ollie came for a visit, and played trains.

Uncle James, bearing gifts

Uncle James stopped by to deliver a birthday gift…


Exactly what she asked him for!

The ABC’s of Summer: I, J, K and L

ice cream!

I is for Ice Cream…

We tried to make that Ice-Cream-in-a-bag recipe that was making the rounds last month, but everyone lost interest before it was done, so it became Milkshake-in-a-bag.

We went out for the real ice cream.

J is for junk…

No photo.

My life is full-up with junk right now, and I don’t need a visual record of the dumpster…


K is for Kiddos.

kiddos 2

kiddos 3

Working hard at being kids.

And L…

lilies 2014

Is for Lily…

I’m going to miss this flower…