The Bunny Was Here!

Easter Finery

The Grandkids were all dressed up for their Big Hunt by 7:30 Sunday Morning. “Look!” Niko shouted, “I’m Grandad!”

Grandad always wears a tie.

“Look!” Angel shouted, “I’m Wonder Woman!”

The Bunny brought the cape and mask. Have no fear – the Boy has a set, too..

Wonder Woman hunts for Easter Eggs

It was a sunny morning, but breezy and chilly. We made them wait until it reached 50 degrees to start.

See the orange egg in the bushes?

in the garden

Some were easier to find than others.

More Candy?

All had to be checked for candy as soon as they were found.


Others required multiple hints to be located.

“Look down low.”

“Down here?”

(Note the green eggs tucked into the evergreen bushes behind the kids)

Thought they’d never find those!


To make it a little easier, the Bunny left us a note. He said that there were eight eggs for each kid. The eggs would have their first initial on them, and they’d be hidden in pairs, near each other. No pushing, no running, and everyone got the same amount.

Worked like a charm.

The Other Present

The Bunny also gifted them with a small outdoor table and chairs – perfect for a Post-Hunt Candy Picnic!

That's ALL?

Hope your Easter was as much fun as ours!

Birthdays Are Awesome, Even For A Grandmom


Everyone should get a birthday cake. A cake designed by a four-year-old is something TRULY special, though.

We have a delightful little bakery on the island, run by a Frenchman and his American wife. We’ve been ordering cakes from them for the last few years – I can bake, but I’m not great at decorating, so I pass on that job.

Grandad and Angel went to see the baker a week before my birthday. She had some very specific ideas about what my cake should look like.

“It has to be a carrot cake. It should have red frosting roses, and little frosting carrots. It should say ‘Happy Birthday Grandmom.’ And, it has to have….



God Bless him, he did it.

Wish I had been there to see his face when she asked!

Another Big Day for a Little Man

TWO backpacks by the door!

Yup. Not one, but TWO backpacks at the front door…

TWO kids, off to SCHOOL!

And TWO grandkids, ready for school!

(Yes, the Silly Face Photo Days have begun for Angel. Heaven help us.)

Putting his things in his cubby

All year long, Niko has cried and begged to go to school with his cousin. We drop her off in the mornings, and he cries. We pick her up when school is over, and he drops to floor and wails, “But I want to go TOOOOO!”

As of Tuesday, he can.

He has his own cubby where he can leave his things…

School Toys!

And lots of fun new toys…and friends…

Bye, Mom!

A quick smooch for Mommy, and a smile and a wave, and he’s off on a new adventure!

Happy Schoolboy

Afterwards, he said it was “SO COOL!”

Let’s hope he wants to go back¬†today :)