The ABC’s of Summer: V, W, X, Y and Z

Cardinal climber

V is for vines.

This Cardinal Climber has been a huge hit with the hummingbirds…I’ll plant it in my new garden next year, no doubt.

watering cans

W is for watering cans.

This summer, that also stands for well-used…we’ve had an extremely dry year.

x, in chalk

X is for….well…I don’t really have an ‘x’ word. All the ones I could think of were cheats, like “x-treme”, so we made some letter x photos instead.

stick x-es

Making an x out of sticks was harder than you might think…

got it!

but he was quite proud of himself once he did it.


Y is for yellow…

In the garden


and in the field.


And Z is for zinnia…beloved of little children, butterflies, and Grandmoms alike.

Angel listens

So ends our alphabet, and with it, our summer. School starts on Tuesday for Angel, and Wednesday for Niko.  We’re forecast for a hot, humid week before the first breath of fall arrives on the 7th.  Maybe by then I’ll be ready for it, but right now, I’m wishing it could stay just a little longer. If you get the chance, take a cue from Angel – there’s no better way to end the season than plopped on the green grass, listening to music…

Hope everyone had as wonderful a season as we did.

The ABC’s of Summer: Q, R, S, T and U

under the apple tree

Q is for Quiet.

Lying under the apple tree quiet…

early morning

Early morning quiet…

(If you don’t get up early around here, there is no quiet…)

ugh. Rabbit

R is for rabbit.

A plague upon the land this summer…

fennel seeds

S is for seeds.

Fennel seeds, for baking in the winter. Or tea…they make a tasty tea!

nigella seed pod

Nigella seed pods, for scattering everywhere.


T is for tomatoes…

That’s a basket full of summer, right there…

Uncle Ollie plays Trains

U is for Uncles.

Uncle Ollie came for a visit, and played trains.

Uncle James, bearing gifts

Uncle James stopped by to deliver a birthday gift…


Exactly what she asked him for!

The ABC’s of Summer: I, J, K and L

ice cream!

I is for Ice Cream…

We tried to make that Ice-Cream-in-a-bag recipe that was making the rounds last month, but everyone lost interest before it was done, so it became Milkshake-in-a-bag.

We went out for the real ice cream.

J is for junk…

No photo.

My life is full-up with junk right now, and I don’t need a visual record of the dumpster…


K is for Kiddos.

kiddos 2

kiddos 3

Working hard at being kids.

And L…

lilies 2014

Is for Lily…

I’m going to miss this flower…