I *SAID* I Was Sorry!

Ice... all ice

Doesn’t look like much, does it? I mean, I’ve spent the last 20 years in a place where we measure snow in feet, not inches, right? I *know* winter, and how to drive in bad weather…and when to stay home. What’s a little…



The first storm was almost all ice.

We just stayed put.

my litle baker

And we baked…


The second storm brought snow…



A whole three inches!

Do you know what happens when you get three inches of snow, and have no way to remove it from the roads, and then thousand of cars drive on it?

You get a skating rink.

Like, right after the Zamboni kind of slick.

School dismissed early. The usual 15 minute ride took an hour and ten minutes, with more than one instance of, “I just stopped, why is my car still moving? Suppose it will stop before it hits the guardrail on this bridge?”

It did, and we made it home in one piece…but I don’t ever remember being that scared in a New England snowstorm…And I drove through a nighttime blizzard the night Niko was born.

NOT doing that again.

snowball fight!

Which brings us to the third, and hopefully LAST storm.

Huge by local standards…and I’d already told the kids’ teachers they wouldn’t be in until the roads were clear, so we were already good to go by the time they cancelled class…

My Angels

Note to self: Next time this sort of thing is predicted, don’t close the driveway gate… it froze shut, and Sarah almost couldn’t get to work on time…

We got in several good hours of play before the strong Southern sun melted all of it…

Our First Texas Snowman

Even made a snowman!

Now… I have PERSONALLY apologized to everyone I can remember teasing about our weather versus All That Snow… If I need to make an offering to some Special Goddess to get this to stop, please let me know! Another storm like this, and we WON’T HAVE PEACHES THIS YEAR!!!!

And THAT would be tragic indeed…


Aaaand, We’re Back!

all the boxes

Hello, Texas! Been here nearly a month, and the unpacking continues…


We’ve celebrated a birthday, a Patriots Superbowl win, Valentine’s day….and are trying to get new routines established in a new place.

hide and seek

The weather has been awesome…especially compared to what is going on in Rhode Island right now. More snow than in any winter I saw when I lived there, and it’s only February… My heart goes out to all my friends and family there…

I feel *really* bad about the teasing after the first storm. Honest….

Texas Sunset

So now that my computer and camera are both unpacked and functional, I hope to be back on a semi-regular basis…

I have *so* much to show you!

Quick Note

Hey Guys! Last ‘real’ Blog Post before we leave…

I put the Twitter Feed into the sidebar the other day – I can do that from the road! If you want to see how we’re progressing, just check that. There are bound to be Niko pictures in it 🙂

The movers are putting the last of our things on the truck right now, then it will be time to clean…and clean…and clean…

Then go.

And drive…drive…drive.

See you on the Other Side!

Saying Goodbye

Angel and Miss SophiePro

We’ve said a lot of goodbyes in the last few weeks… Our beloved babysitter Sophie came over on New Year’s Day…


Niko wouldn’t let her leave…

Angel and Uncle

Uncle James came over before Angel left to join Grandad in Texas. She had a great first week of school, from what I’ve heard. Niko misses her, and is Not Happy that we are driving instead of flying. When I told him it wouldn’t be good for his dog to ride on a plane, he answered, “YOU drive Rufus, Grandmom! Mommy and I will FLY…”

Nope. Not Happening.

Tom and Niko

We had our last Sunday Lunch at the brewery, a staple of my life for nearly 10 years. The kids have ALWAYS had lunch with Tom on Sundays…

He’s been a surrogate uncle and an awesome friend for a long time…

One other goodbye to share, the saddest of all…

Niko sings to Cleo

Our Sweet Cleo left us last Thursday. She let me know it was time… We were lucky to have her, and will miss her greatly.

Now, as I write this, the packers are scurrying around my house, boxing up our lives. We have a few more days left on the Island, a few more friends to hug, a few more tears to shed.

Then, the Adventure will really begin.


Out With the Old, In With the New

New Year's Babies

They tried so hard to stay up, but just past 10:30 Niko crawled into his sleeping bag, counted backwards from 10, and shouted “HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m tired….”

And that was that.

Dawn 2015

Dawn has broken on the new year – a year of major changes for all of us. It’s a cold, gentle sunrise…My last in Rhode Island. Next year’s photo will be in another place, a long, long way from the scene I’ve shot every new year’s morning for over a decade, and have lived in for nearly two….

Exciting? Yes, but tinged with melancholy.

Happy New Year, everyone. May it bring your Heart’s Desire….