I did it! (and you thought I never would…)

Hello out there! This is Marie, coming to you from the wilds of Rhode Island, looking for people to share my love of gardening, wildlife, travel and good food.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, now, and the start of a new school year seems an appropriate time to begin.The plan is to post at least once a week, with pictures if I can figure out how to post them. I’m still very new at all this stuff, but if I wait until I understand it all, I’ll never start. For now, I have great tech support in the forms of my son and my husband – as long as I don’t wear them out with silly questions!

Mostly this is a blog about my gardens, my family,bits of poems and random musings. If you want to be part of the conversation, I’d love to have you. 

  – Marie


One thought on “I did it! (and you thought I never would…)

  1. Wonderful news!!! I am looking forward to reading your posts.
    I am especially interested in your family notes and the wildlife sightings from your walks with Chloe. When you write about the garden, I’ll be I can almost taste the lettuce and tomatoes.


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