Oh Happy Day!

another lovely fall day

another lovely fall day

That’s the song that’s running through my head today. My daughter’s beloved 18-year-old Buick is not headed for the scrap-heap as we feared, but could actually be fairly easily repaired.WHEW! Ever been stuck with a kid hanging around with her wings clipped? Not fun, I’ll tell you.

So, anyway, I wanted to share this shot with everyone. Hope you like it!


6 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. hooray for my beloved Buick…we can’t be parted by something as simple as a spark plug. sorry if I was nasty, cabin fever you know.


  2. Good morning!
    Whew!! Good news about Sarah’s car! I’m glad her Buick is not headed to the scrap yard. There really is no finer car than a well-made Buick.
    Speaking of Buicks…
    Do you remember my dad’s ginormous, 2 tone-beige and wood panel, Buick station wagon? It was very National Lampoon Family Vacation-ish.
    That might be one of the few cars I didn’t wreck.
    Wait. I might have wrecked that one too.
    I don’t think I could actually damage that one, though. : )

    So, you’re saying that clipped-winged kiddos can be loads of excitement?? *wink*
    Have a great day!!

  3. Uh, didja’ see her comment above yours? We didn’t kill her, and she didn’t explode – but it was a near thing.

    And, yes, I remember the Munsonmobile. It was nicer than my Pacer!

  4. Just wanted you to know that MOM has been here twice today. I guess I could be called 2 of the 20!!! I’m happy about the car.

    Nana will be online as of tomorrow. She has all the family email addresses I will put in the address of your blog when I get there at Thanksgiving.


  5. I LOVE the photo of the pond. Not being able to make the walk with you into the woods, it is special. You have talked so much about the pond!!! Thanks for the photo.

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