Thanksgiving Post-Game Wrap-Up

For the last two days, our house has smelled like a glutton’s paradise. Fresh rolls on Wednesday, along with a pot of lentil and sausage soup to chase the away the drizzly chill. Maple-Walnut scones hot from the oven on Thursday morning. And that bird!

Ok, it wasn’t a 20-pound Rockwell-esque turkey, it was a 4-pound roasting chicken, but it was awesome! Roasted poultry is one of my husband’s specialties, always accompanied by a pan-gravy to die for. Even Miss Whaddayoumeanwe’renothavingturkey gobbled up her share. Round out the meal with sautéed spinach, mashed potatoes and home-made dinner rolls, a good bottle of red wine,and sticky-toffee pudding for dessert, and you have a feast for the three of us. No one went to bed hungry, that’s for sure!

One of the nicest parts of the day was that John’s youngest, Ollie, and his girlfriend Fran were able to (sort of) join us for part of the day. At Ollie’s suggestion, we installed Skype on my laptop, and set it up on the dining room table. We talked to them several times during the day. Ollie gave us  a virtual tour of their house in San Francisco by walking around with his computer – very nice!  When dinner time arrived, we called them up for a long-distance video toast. Not quite as good as having them here, but the next best thing. Smart kid, that Ollie! Hope their turkey turned out well – first time and all that. (Note to Fran – don’t despair if it wasn’t perfect, and rejoice if it was – turkey is tough to do no matter how many you’ve made.)

Things I’m thankful for this year:

That WGBH ran a Julia Child marathon all day. I love football, but yesterday’s games were the most boring I can ever remember on a Thanksgiving.

That my brother is moving into his new house in Stockton this week – way to go, Jody!

That my Mom can still drive from Oklahoma to Arkansas every year to spend the holiday with my Nana (her mother). You gals rock. You set the standard for the rest of us. (Nana still drives, too. Better than a lot of younger folks I know!)

That my Dad is back in the beautiful Ozark town where he grew up, surrounded by his brothers, nieces, nephews, and their children.

That I have a beautiful baby step-granddaughter to spoil this Christmas.

That my family is healthy and happy.

That I have all of you to share things with.

Hope You All Had A Happy One!


PS: The new picture at the top is one I took in Luxembourg last January. We still haven’t had a hard freeze here.





7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Post-Game Wrap-Up

  1. i will assume that i am included in the “family,” part, since me being home wasn’t listed as something you were thankful for even though you said it was. 😦

    • I’ve had 18 Christmases to spoil you, and I doubt that changes just because there’s a new generation coming up. Besides, your presents are here already… including your birthday!

      Glad you like the new header. I’m pretty pleased with it.

  2. Marie, I’ve read your blog from top to bottom and I am a confirmed fan! You’re now on my favorites list and I’ll be checking in regularly……reading your blog is like taking a mini-vacation!

    (Your mama’s first cousin)

    • Sorry about that Aunt Sue! The first time someone writes a comment, they have to be “approved” by the author. My laptop has had issues connecting in the apartment in France, so I haven’t been able to even SEE the comments, much less edit them. All fixed now.
      WELCOME! – Marie

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