First-of-the-Month Odds and Ends

Good day, and welcome to February!

Just a quick note today to point out a few new features.

First up, we now have an ‘ Archive’ menu in the side-bar. If you want to go back and read about James and the Giant Bus, it’s in September. You won’t have to go back page by page anymore.

Second, there’s a ‘Subscribe by E-mail’ widget, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sign up, and the blog will e-mail you any updates. You won’t have to check  every day. Unless, of course, you want to…

Third, there’s a new header at the top of the page. I took it in Luxembourg in January of ’09. Beautiful city. The one promise I’ve been able to keep about this blog is updating the header every month!

So, take a look around, let me know what you think. I’ll be back later in the week with more fun stuff.


Stay warm, stay safe. You’re in our prayers.


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