One Nice Thing About Snow

Tracks in the snow

 Tiny footprints, in a single line, were the only evidence the mouse passed this way. How frightening, to be so small, crossing what must seem a vast, open expanse in the dark of night, all alone. Perhaps he travels this path every night, but leaves no sign, moving unseen through the dry winter grass. This night must have felt different – exposed to the eyes of night-hunting owls and coyotes.

The same snow that brings us the woes of difficult travel and power-outages can bring unexpected delights. The tracks and trails of our night visiting wildlife give us glimpses of the dramas that play themselves out while we sleep. Raccoons, minks, deer, coyotes, opossums and other creatures call our small acreage home, but seldom make their presence known. The snowfield is a chapter in their book – I am privilaged to be able to read it. 

The trail relates the story of the mouse’s success this night, disappearing into the heavier brush, uninterrupted by signs of sweeping wings or pouncing paws. I wish him luck.


4 thoughts on “One Nice Thing About Snow

  1. I love this one!!! I had a hawk circling over the back yard today. I had not put out seed, so there were no birds or squirrels out at that time. I was glad. It was not a red tail, too small, and did not hang around long enough for me to grab the binoculars and the books. Stay warm….. MOM

    • I’ve been watching the kestral that routinely hunts around my feeders. He only gets one bird in about every 10 passes he makes. I’ve decided I don’t mind so much. The red-tail can sit in the tree all day long and the little birds don’t care. He does keep the squirrels away!

  2. How wonderfully observant you are! I had never thought about how tracks in the snow tell a story if one will just take the time to read it.

    • Mud works too, Carolyn! You know, just in case you don’t have snow! 🙂 You’d probably be surprised at who is hanging around your house at night!

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