What I Bought At The Garden Show

New Books!

Beautiful display gardens are only part of the fun at the show. It’s the only place I know of to combine plants and shopping!

I didn’t get too crazy this time – the big show in Boston is next month – but I always have room for another book – or six!

Managing the Wet Garden was an obvious choice for me. The land where our house sits now is identified on old maps as “Black Swamp”. There’s more damp and soggy ground than just what’s around the pond! This looks like a nice catalogue of water-loving plants, but not floaters like water-lilies. They have whole books all their own! Sun, shade, and varying degrees of wetness are discussed. Can’t wait to get deeper into it.

My other purchase, Michael Pollan’s Food Rules is one I’d been meaning to buy anyway. Clear, concise, common-sense information based on his seven-word mantra, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly from plants.” Rules like, “Don’t eat anything with ingredients that couldn’t be pronounced by your average fifth-grader,” Or, “If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, it isn’t”. This book is a quick read,but well worth it.

Best of all, the last piece of furniture for the bedroom finally arrived last week – a loveseat.

Like my new spot to read? What should I call it? The Book Nook? The Reading Retreat? Any other ideas? I know one thing: with the kind of rain/sleet weather they’re predicting for us this week, it WILL get used!


2 thoughts on “What I Bought At The Garden Show

    • Mallory,
      I’ve never read one of his books that I didn’t like. It took me about 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. Now I need for my diet-obessed daughter to read it! Thanks for stopping by! – Marie

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