Forcing the Issue

Sometimes spring  just can’t get here fast enough.

The beautiful blue sky in the photo is deceptive –  Monday, February 22nd was a very cold day! The buds on the forsythia were swelling, but still weeks away from bloom. But, forsythia is a genial plant, growing rapidly, blooming early, and – best of all – easy to force inside.

Blue skies were calling on that Monday morning. My Valentine’s roses were beginning to fade on the side-table in the Reading Retreat. With an eye towards replacing them – without going to the florist! – I grabbed clippers and buckets and headed out into the landscape.

With so many long, beautiful branches to choose from, it was easy to cut enough to re-fill my vase. I gave them a nice, warm drink of water, and left them in the basement to do their thing.

A week later, they were beginning to show color, but not quite ready for their debut upstairs.  I gave them another warm drink, as I had several times before, and waited a little longer.

This morning, they were ready.

Just the thing to brighten up another cold, wet, windy day!


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