Flowers For Janis


Almost-60 degree weather in early March is enough to make you giddy!  I’m not the only one to thinks so – Sarah came home from class yesterday afternoon without her shoes on!

Spent the afternoon working in the yard. I wasn’t alone – look who was keeping me company:

See the bee?

That’s a honey bee, not a big, fat bumble. She’s probably from the wild hive over in the woods. It’s in the coolest old bee-tree, like something out of  Winnie the Pooh. I should get over there and take some pictures.

So, there are the snowdrops I promised Janis (in a comment-reply) last week. What signs of Spring are you guys seeing in your corners of the world?


4 thoughts on “Flowers For Janis

  1. Thanks for the flowers for Janis. I’m sure she will appreciate it.

    Jonquils were blooming along the road and mine are above ground but no blooms. The old elm tree already had bud when it came down and the one in the back will soon have tiny leaves. I am wearing a short sleeve shirt today…… it will be 70 by noon.

    Love it that Sarah was barefooted. Shades of her mom and granny!!!

    Rachel posted yesterday on FB that no one could be unhappy on a day like that!!! So, I knew that you had a good one.

    Time to go to school.

  2. Well, my peach tree is now in full bloom, and I spotted hummingbird visiting the small flowers on the rosemary bush last weekend (and this morning I had to put up “Warning Ice on Stairs” sign at the site.

    Spring sometimes comes slow in northern CA

  3. Thanks for the snow drops pictures and the bee!!! Raised my spirits immediately! Sometimes it takes the most unexpected things to remind you that you are not alone in this big old world!! I enjoyed your postings and your pictures…don’t stop!!! 🙂

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