Budding Lilac

The air smells fresher this morning… could it be that something has shifted?  Can we put to rest our fear that the last few days of warm sunshine were not a cruel trick of everlasting winter, designed to lull us into complacency, only to wallop us again with a blizzard? ( Don’t think it couldn’t happen! Ask my mother about the year she was here on April Fool’s Day and it snowed six inches!)

We have had a rare treat up here this year – the fabled ‘early spring.’  The buds are swelling on the trees, the daffodils are showing color – not quite blooming, but close! Last night, the frog chorus was singing from the pond. Two days ago, the pond-queen emerged from hibernation:

the turtles are awake!

Sarah had gone down to sit and enjoy the sun, and called me (yes, on her phone!) to come see – and bring the camera! Last year, I don’t think we saw the turtles until almost May.

Yesterday, we got the surest sign of all that spring is here:

beautiful dirt!

My hands* at the end of a long day in the garden! One bed cleaned out, a bunch more to go!

Bring it on, Spring!

*hand photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Sarah!


2 thoughts on “SPRING!!!!

  1. Mom remembers well the April snow, but ask mom about today, the first day of spring…. First there was thunder and hail before dark last night. About 3 this morning, according to the tv, it started to snow. There’s about half an inch out there, streets are clear but grass is covered. The peonies came out of the ground this week and now their feet are covered in snow. We expect more, couterclockwise bands and will come and go all day. And it is COLD!! It was 70 degrees yesterday. Only in Oklahoma!!

  2. No snow here in Louisiana but lots and los of rain and the temperature has dropped. We made our trip to Texas and enjoyed yesterday in the Sun. Today we returned in the rain and cold. So, not only in Oklahoma, but also here in Louisiana..Maybe this is our “Easter” cold snap that we have to have to finally have Spring. Thanks for the pictures, especially the turtle!!

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