Birthday Reflections

As my Mom pointed out in a comment on the first of March, I have a birthday this month. Today, in fact. I left that out of my March list of events on purpose, but not for the reasons you might think.

 I am not a part of that vast group of women who throw up their hands sometime in their thirties and announce that they are not having any more birthdays. (Why would you do that? A birthday is simply a marker of one more year on earth. I’d like as many of those as I can get, so why not keep count?) Nor am I one to coyly tell people that I’m 21 for the 21st time. Or – worse yet – “How old do you think I am?” Ugh! Prepare to get your feelings hurt if you use that one!

No, I will proudly tell you that today is my birthday, that I am 42 years old, and ,yes, I am having a wonderful, quiet day.  What I’m not big on, you see, is hoopla. No, I don’t want a party, just a quiet dinner with John(check – Saturday night, in Boston!). No, I don’t really want presents, but funny cards are cool (check – the kids always find ones that make me laugh til I cry!)

 When I actually do ask for a gift, it tends to be something that makes people raise their eyebrows and say,”Really?” One year, I asked for dirt. Well, a truckload of compost, actually. The vegetable gardens had been built the fall before, and the soil needed some extra help. March is a good time to do that, even up here. The girls I worked with were dumbfounded. No jewelry? No new clothes? HUH? The fact that I was simply giddy about it confused them even more. So I’m an odd duck. Get over it.

This year has been nice. John and I went to Boston Saturday afternoon, shopped a little – I do have to replace things that wear out – and had a lovely dinner before heading home. Beautiful surprise – he had flowers waiting on the table when we arrived at the restaurant. This afternoon, I’m going to lunch with James and Sarah, and then to a movie.

And, in the tradition of  “Marie loves weird gifts”…

A brand-new sink in the basement grow-room! No more hauling water from upstairs for the seedlings!

All the jewelry in the world wouldn’t bet better than this!


One thought on “Birthday Reflections

  1. Happy Birthday a day or so late!! I think it is so cool that you got a sink for your b/day!! And flowers!! Your hubby scored big both ways on the gifts…Have a great rest of the week.

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