Notes From the Boston Flower Show

Can you guess where I went yesterday?

Show Program

 Wanna see some more? Then step inside with me…

come down the path

Around the corner awaits not just early spring, with its daffodils and hyacinths,

early spring on display

but also May in all its warmth and glory – foxgloves, canterbury bells, wisteria, peonies,and roses…


A front porch plucked from a magazine page…

Won't you sit for a glass of tea?

And an outdoor bath to make you sigh…


And some things that are just for fun!

a truck with a PONY in back?

Wow, what a cake!

I’ve got tons more to share, so check back this week for more!


2 thoughts on “Notes From the Boston Flower Show

  1. What an interesting day you must have had….I admire the chef who “whipped” up that cake!! Things are budding out here in Louisiana so that means pollen and allergies for me. Hopefully I will survive–:) Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Janis – There was an entire “cake garden” at the show. I’ll post all of those pics together next week! Good luck with the allergies! – Marie

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