April Already?

Whew! What a busy week it was! A flood, a record-high temperature day, seeds planted in the basement, seeds planted in the ground, John’s birthday, Rachel’s birthday, dinner in Providence and TWO trips to Boston and back… I’m bushed!

Last weekend marked an annual Rite of Spring around here – no, not Easter – Anime Boston! Every spring, Sarah goes up for the weekend to hang out with her fellow anime/comics/sci-fi/ cosplay pals at a convention. My brother Jody flies in from California to attend with her. We drive up on Sunday to have lunch with them and give Jody a ride back to the airport. Needless to say, they have a ball every year – this was the 4th, I believe.

A couple of pictures, for those who are interested:

the Dudes abideth

If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you get the caption. I’m buying them loud Hawaiian shirts for next year. (That’s James and Jody, by the way.)

Sarah and Joe

Sarah’s new friend. Wanted her to go to church with him on Sunday morning. Super-nice kid!

Which brings us back to the new month, the ostensibly gentler month of April. Yesterday, it got to 80 degrees down here on the coast, 92 inland. I’ve been busy with spring clean-out. The only secret for dealing with weeds on a property this big is hit ’em early and often. I don’t use chemicals, so it’s all by hand. A truly great workout – more fun than any gym, too!

What’s new for April in your neck of the woods?


5 thoughts on “April Already?

  1. So I guess that makes me John Goodman?? HEY: I’m loosing weight ok (but the hair cut usually does match).

    Rie: thanks again to you and John for lunch and the ride to Logan, Let me know when you’re ready for the wine country tour


    • ‘Cause I do THIS instead of Facebook! Glad you stopped by for a peek – read around to see what we’re up to…

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