Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Guess who’s 39 today??????

(No, not James!)

Happy Birthday, Jody! Love Ya’!


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

  1. Nice tribute to your brother; nice photo of brother and son!! Plse fwd a happy birthday to Jody for me…(I feel like I am looking at Joe (the father) –at least the one I remember from many years ago. Keep these wonderful articles coming!!

    • Oh, I’m sure he’ll see your birthday wishes, Janis, but I’ll make sure he does! He does look a little like our Dad, and his nephew acts so much like him that you’d think Jody’d had a hand in raising him!

  2. 39….. so THATS the number I couldnt remember…

    Thanks Rie; for the card, the photo, and for being my big Sis πŸ™‚

    Love ya back..


  3. Be glad I couldn’t get the one Sarah sent me to work… she put a much nicer picture of you in her blog post!

    Here’s to many more birthdays!

  4. Just got my typing hands back…not that I could type any better before. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great one I thought about you a lot that day. Will we make it through the next one!!! ?



  5. I think we will (with minimal damage incurred). I’m thinking about taking the whole week off next year and going somewhere (maybe Vegas). Glad to hear you’re recovering, and belated Happy Birthday 

    • Hey Joe! Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time, and many more to come. (40 isn’t as bad as everyone says.) I hit mine in December.

      You too, Marie! I hope you had a really enjoyable birthday. I so understand your position on the odd gifts you mentioned in another post. I’m thankful for all gifts, but my favorite one lately has been the heavy duty, School Pro, electric pencil sharpener I received for Christmas. WOW that thing is GREAT!! Is there anything better than electric pencil sharpener?? Maybe not for a teacher. It’s lovely.
      Your birthday is the day before my dad’s. I never realized that until your mom and I talked about it that day.

      My son Matthew turned 12 this month. My little one, also named Joe, will be 4 in July. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

      • Kat, I am totally with you on the pencil sharpener! When I think about having to go to the garage at my mother’s house to use the old green hand-cranked model just so I could finish my much-hated math homework! Electrics are a wonderful, if simple, thing.

        As for how fast kids grow up, that’s my BABY in the picture with Jody. Talk about feeling old…

  6. Jody and Lesha,
    CUT IT OUT! Forty is not fatal, I did it two years ago and lived to tell the tale. You two will ge through just fine. πŸ™‚

    Lesh – glad your hands are healing. Isn’t it unusual to get them both done at once? Your kids are adorable, btw.
    – Marie

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