Busy, Busy!

Young Apples

 I know, I know – it’s been too long! But it’s Spring, the gardens are calling, and I must answer!

Or get further behind than I already am!

The weather has tripped us up once again, this time in a pleasant way. In a ‘normal’ year (is there such a thing?) the apples would just be dropping their blossoms about now, the oak leaves would be tiny, just barely there-green nubs. We’d worry that it might still be too cold at night for setting out tomatoes, and the daffodils would be finishing up.

Not this year! Take a look at the front walk:

Front Walk

This is more like mid-June! The last 2 years, I have taken prom-night pictures in front of the rhododendron (pink flowers) and Kousa dogwood that you can see in the background, in late June, and in full-bloom. This year, the rhody is almost finished now.

Two more early flowers for this year:

Pink Peonies

Also a month ahead of schedule:


 The rampant early growth is, sadly, not limited to the ‘good’ plants – the weeds have gone crazy. Don’t look too closely at the foreground of those last two. I’ve had bigger fish to fry in the last week.  James is going to help me get that stuff out next week.

All Planted!

The kitchen garden comes under the ‘Bigger Fish’ heading. It needed to be weeded, raked, planted and staked. As of this morning, it’s about 90% done. The front bed has the tomatoes this year, and my most recent idea for containing them. We’ll be checking up later to see if this one works. Tomato varieties for this year are, from left to right: Fourth of July, an early-producing type; Cherokee Purple, an heirloom previously referred to (by my children) as ‘Frankentomato’ because of its rampant growth; Brandywine, best flavor; and Cupid, a cherry tomato. Hereafter, to be called (in the same order) Julie, Cherry, Brandy and Cupid.

Next week’s chores – annual bedding plants, containers, and weed, weed, WEED.

But, I promise to take more time for you guys, too.


4 thoughts on “Busy, Busy!

  1. Glad to see you are safely home once again.
    We have our first squash almost ready for picking. Lots of blooms all over the rest of the plants. Also blooms galore on tomatoes and bell pepper. Now, if only the birds,
    squirrels and rabbits do not figure how to get over, under or around the wire barriers protecting the plants. In an attempt to “catch and release” the rabbits, my hubby caught a possum!! It was safely released into a woodsy area out of town…your flowers look very pretty.

    • Ewww, a possum! NOT one of my favorite critters. One got into our garage on a snowy night when I was a child. Dad found him curled up in the foam mattress we used in the back of our station wagon. I vividly remember him waddling off in the snow after he was dumped in the back yard.

      I don’t lose too much to the rabbits – my dog thinks of them as furry snacks. Fortunately, she doesn’t catch many.

  2. The flowers are SO pretty. I had good peonies this year. I had to move the “shade” plants to the back due to the loss of the old elm. So far everything is doing OK. I’m keeping them watered.
    They get morning sun and afternoon shade, which should be OK.

    Sarah typed like she might be moving then never said another word. Will she be home for her birthday or should I send a card now? Can you fill in the details or perhaps just encourage her to tell her readers what is going on!!!

    You and James have fun in the garden. Is his program a 2 year deal? will he graduate next year?



    • There was a time not so long ago when we thought those peonies were gone for good. This is their best bloom in years.

      Sarah has plans, that’s all I’m allowed to say. She’ll be here on her birthday. She will reveal more as the time gets closer – but she’ll e-mail you before it goes out for public consumption.

      More details on James later.

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