1st of July – How Does My Garden Grow?

Kitchen Garden

Very well, thank you!

The soul-crushing heat and humidity of the last week have been hard on us humans, but the plants have loved it.


The cucumbers have been thinned to one plant per hill, and seem to be progressing nicely. They’re the same bush-type I grew last year – the ones that gave me such an impressive harvest. No sign of bugs so far – knock on wood…

Tomato 4th of July

The tomato 4th of July isn’t quite going to live up to its name, but if the heat keeps up, we’ll be munching on them by the 10th. Last year, I didn’t have a single ripe tomato until August.

Radishes Ready!

I believe we will be having radishes in our salads very soon! Which is good, because …

Spring Lettuce

…the lettuce is ready for its first haircut. Mmmm, home-grown salad!

As for the rest of it, the garlic and shalots will probably be harvested next week.  The pole beans are reaching for the sky. Carrots, beets and Swiss chard are all plugging right along. This morning, I set out leek seedlings – a gift from my friend Bill, and planted a new patch of summer lettuces. That should keep us in veggies for a while.

Oh, and I picked the first of the blueberries yesterday! I should have a good, creative recipe for you early next week. Just have to try it out on the guinea pigs – er, family – first.

Happy Gardening, everyone!


2 thoughts on “1st of July – How Does My Garden Grow?

    • I made a batch of refrigerator pickles last year that were pretty good. I may try more this year.

      I had hoped to go to Arkansas this summer for a canning lesson from Tom and Anita – Dad says she’s so much like Grams it’s scary – but now I’m not sure I’ll get there. Maybe next year…

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