Surprise Garden

I made an interesting discovery while dumping a load of weeds on the compost pile a few days ago. Remember back in the planning stages for this year’s garden, when I said I wasn’t going to grow any pattypan squash this year?

Surprise Squash

The compost pile had other ideas, it would appear..

To call it a true compost pile might be stretching it a little. Mostly, it’s a big pile of woodchips, with weeds and other garden debris thrown in for good measure. I don’t turn it, or water it, or take its temperature. It just sits and rots slowly away. We had a lot of dead branches and other woody junk ground up last fall, and then more this spring, so right now I’d estimate the pile at 7 feet tall. Now you see why it doesn’t get turned very often.

Dill, and maybe a carrot

As the repository of all things formerly growing, this is the spot where overripe veggies and things that have bolted wind up. It’s a good long way from the kitchen garden, so that the piled-up old produce doesn’t draw hungry herbivores into the rows. Looks like it wasn’t all eaten last year. That ferny thing in the foreground is dill, and what may be a carrot is sprouting in the lower-left corner. The seeds were undoubtably introduced when the foliage was dumped after clean-up last fall.

Cukes or Squash?

Some aren’t so easy to identify. These could be cucumbers – I did dump a lot of them last summer – but they could also be winter squash. I don’t think they’re pattypans, they have a different form in the early stages.  Maybe we’ll know in a month or so… but I kinda’ doubt it. Here’s why:

Volunteer tomato with deer damage

When I first found this tomato plant, it was standing tall. I have no idea what kind it is, and probably won’t, now that the deer have discovered it. Ah, well. Better that they eat these than try to come up to the house. Maybe we should call it the Decoy Garden…

Picked Today: 1/2 pint blueberries, 12 radishes, lots of salad greens…


4 thoughts on “Surprise Garden

  1. Your posts about the garden make me wish for something really fresh. Maybe someone will go over to Duncan with me. There are some excellent fruit and vegggie stands over there.


    • It is an absolute crime that Lawton doesn’t have a farmer’s market! There are so many up here that vendors are busy for as many days per week as they want to be.

      Did you know that even tiny little Salem, AR. has farmers who bring their produce to the town square?


    • Lawton is a town of nearly 100,000 in SW Oklahoma where I grew up, and where my mom still lives. The town she’s talking about driving to is 30 minutes away and has only 20,000 residents, if that many. (May be bigger now, I haven’t lived in the area for years…)

      I can’t believe they still don’t have even one!

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