Butterfly Update

Sarah and Joe

Got word from the Butterfly last night that she has safely arrived in Murfreesboro, TN. Her beloved Buick made it, but may not be long for this world. Ah, well… it’s nearly as old as she is. She’s managed a blog post or two, if you’ve gotten out of the habit of checking.

The heat has broken here temporarily, with our first measurable rainfall in a month coming last night. I’ll be spending the next two days trying to catch up on my chores before it returns on Saturday. Trust me, 85% humidity and 80 degrees at 6:30 am is not conducive to good garden maintenance.

Back in a day or two, I promise…


5 thoughts on “Butterfly Update

  1. Thanks for the update. I’m glad she is safely in her new home. Also glad to hear that you got some rain. We are HOT, muggy, not typical dry SW OK heat. Early errands are the name of the game.


  2. Try 05-98 degrees adnd 100% humidity like we have here in Louisiana!! Needless to say, our “little” garden has gone by the wayside…The heat and no rain was just too much to bear…However, we did enjoy squash, tomatoes , green peppers and cucumbers for a short while!! Maybe next year we will do better and the weather will co-operate. Enjoy your garden while you can….glad your
    daughter made her trip ok…Tennesse is a beautiful state and I have been to Murfesboro, or at least thru it many years ago on our way to Kentucky.

    • We had similar by mid-afternoon – 95 on more than one day. I hate it when it rains and, instead of cooling things off, it just makes it steamier. Happened yesterday – again.

      I know it’s normal summer weather down where you are, but up here, it’s just strange!

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