The Blackberries Are Ready

Ripe and Ready!

Mmmm,wild blackberries. Hands-down, my favorite summer fruit. Sweet, juicy, and perfect just the way they are. No pampering, no pruning (other than to keep them out of the way). No ladders necessary for harvest. Plenty to share with the birds.

I picked the first of the berries on Monday morning. The canes are dripping with fruit this year, and the harvest should last almost a month. It’s an activity best reserved for the very earliest part of the day. Wait until the sun is high, and you’ll have to battle for your berries – and not with the birds…

You REALLY don't want this one, DO you?

I’m not sure of the proper nomenclature for these things – wasp, hornet, yellow jacket – who knows? I do know a few things about them: They sting. They’re aggressive. They like blackberries as much as I do.

I thought I could outsmart them by picking early – 5:30 am early. They’re sluggish before the sun comes up to warm them, and this patch is shielded from the sunrise for a good hour or so. I went out, basket in hand and dog at my feet, only to discover that some of them sleep there. Only got a small handful before they chased me off.

Now, I’m careful to look before I grab. John accidentally stuck his hand in a nest a couple of years ago while changing a lightbulb in an outdoor fixture. It took a course of steroids to bring it back down to normal size. None of that for me, thanks!

This was full when I started writing...

I’m not about to let some bug rob me of breakfast – even if it’s a well-armed bug. Pick quickly, carefully, rinse gently, and enjoy. If they ever make it to the house, that is…


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