August in the Vegetable Garden

Step through...

Come take a walk with me through the late summer kitchen garden.

The nearly empty bed on the right will be planted this week with fall veggies – kale, beets, carrots and others – to keep us in fresh produce right up until Thanksgiving. If Chloe stays out of it this year, we might even be able to over-winter some things for early spring treats.

The beans, on the left, have recovered from the rabbit attacks, and are shooting up the poles.

Kentucky Wonder Beans

Looks like there will be beans on the dinner table soon! And then tons for the freezer. And more to give to the neighbors… My Nana used to can quarts and quarts of green beans every year, but I haven’t learned how. These do very well frozen. Maybe someday I’ll get brave enough to do the canning thing…

Cucumbers and Winter Squash

I think it’s safe to say now that last year’s cucumber success had as much to do with the variety as the weather. Same variety this year, same amazing yield – two dozen and counting! – in a VERY different summer. We’re having cucumber salads twice a week, and I’m giving them away already!

The vines along the back are winter squash. They’re producing, and will be ready to pick about the first of October.

Autumn dinner, waiting to happen

I’m picking Swiss Chard, the beets are golf-ball size, and the spring carrots are coming along. Salad greens are also in rabbit recovery.

Finally, a functional tomato cage!

I am thrilled to death that these rose towers have worked so well as tomato supports. No plants on the ground this year, or even leaning over the way they usually do. I pruned them until they reached past the top support ring, and then pretty much let them go. We’ve been eating cherry tomatoes for almost a month (see the new header photo?).

Ripen, already!

Now, if these big fellas (Brandywine) would just get with the program!

So, that’s the view from here, August, 2010. Thanks for walking along with me!


8 thoughts on “August in the Vegetable Garden

  1. What a beautiful garden!!! That is a great idea the way you got your tomatoes off the ground; will have to let my hubby see that…, gardens are only a memory as the August heat (over 100 every day for a week) finally got what little was left from Spring and early Summer. We may check out and see what can be planted later for fall/winter. Thanks f/sharing!! Enjoy all of your goodies!! 🙂

    • Janis – I found those in a local discount store, and they weren’t expensive. They’re buried up to the first support ring, and don’t show any signs of tipping over. I’m thrilled!

      We are definately enjoying our bounty…

  2. looking really great out there Rie, thanks for the tour….

    The fruit out here is beginning to fall; I’ve taken around 3 dozen peaches from the tree in the last 4 days and the limbs are still bent doubble from the weight. Grapes are really starting to plump as well but the apples are being lost to the birds….

    still waiting to see how the pears come along………


  3. You are quite a gardner my dear. Wish I could be there to help, we could can some of those beans, they are better than frozen, by far, at least that is what I think.

  4. LOVE the pictures of your garden. I felt like I was walking with you. Sure would like some of those KW beans….. and tomatoes, too.

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