Gonna’ Be a Grandma!

It'll be a while before she's back in those heels...

Ok, I’ve been sitting on this story for a while now, waiting for the right time. All the close relatives have been told in-person, and yesterday’s doctor’s appointment confirmed that everyone is healthy… I’m going to be a Grandmother!

Yes, Sarah is pregnant, due in early February! She and Joe are just thrilled! It’s hard to have her so far away right now, But with her pal Ariel  – who has a young child of her own – to help her out, I’m not worried about her.

But I do miss her so…

So, gang, click on over to her blog here, and add your congratulations in the comments. You don’t have to know her to make her feel connected to all of us around the country, and the world…


6 thoughts on “Gonna’ Be a Grandma!

  1. Hi mama/grandma 🙂 Thank you for using my all time favorite picture of me haha..I miss those shoes and just being able to wear my heels in general. But, Mox is worth missing them for a while. My official due date is Feb 5th, which is a saturday. I think Saturday is a great day to have a baby. Right? hehe..I love you mom!!!

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