Stag Party?

They looked so guilty, tiptoeing through the yard on Monday afternoon.

Late night, boys?

Slowly they walked past the office window, with this big fella bringing up the rear:

Whoops! Busted!

He caught sight of me, and they all took off, running hell-for-leather over the compost pile and out of the yard. By the time I got to the door to get a better shot, all I could see were four white tails.

That’s what you get for coming home late, boys!


13 thoughts on “Stag Party?

  1. LOVE the photos. We had deer in our yard when your dad and I lived up on the mountain in North Arkansas. I wrote to mother so much about it that they gave me a deer charm for my bracelet. Also had fox, raccoons and opossums. I saw then when I stayed with Sarah 3 years ago but mostly in the fields on the way to the bus stop.

    Have a good rest of the week and weekend.


    • We’ve got so many this year, they seem to be turning up everywhere. The guys working on the barn at a house up the road had a pair of fawns walk right up to them last week, and saw a group of 6 does another time.

    • Glad you liked the deer post. I told my daughter about them on the phone, and what I was going to call it… She groaned and said, “Worst pun ever, Mom…”

      I’m looking forward to grandbabies – but Tennnessee is so far away… Thanks for your good wishes.

  2. First of all, congrats on the impending grandmother hood!! Being a grandmother is wonderful; all the fun and none of the responsibility! That makes my dear friend, Lin, a great-gran to be–happy for all of you.

    Loved the pictures of the deer. My hubby would love to see that many that close!! We have not had deer show
    up in our backyard (we are in the city) but do have
    occassional visits from the smaller creatures. Another squirrel was “re-located” just yesterday. Hope your visitors
    do not come back to visit your garden!!

    • Thanks, Sally! Always good to hear from someone new.

      Your bird photos from the lake are beautiful. I think Ohio might be the only state this side of the Rockies that I’ve never been in… Might have to fix that one of these days!

  3. It’s me again, just back to look at the deer again. I also visited some of your reader’s blogs. One I had visited before. She mentioned bird pictures so I just had to visit!! They are awesome. I enjoyed the one on a farm in Colorado, too.

    Just wanted you to know that the extra count is ME!!


  4. Wow! Nice shots. My wife and I were just discussing this morning that we had only seen one stag in the past 20 years on our land although we have seen many does and fawns. We know they’re there.

    • There’s one that comes around every year to eat the apples off my tree, but I’ve never seen a bachelor herd like this before. Are deer like horses like that? The older ones did seem to be keeping the younger ones in line.

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