Pile of cucumbers...

Oh, my.

One, two, three, four… and this is just 5 days’ worth, not counting the four we ate !

 Looks like I over-did it again on cucumbers.

In my defense, I actually have a very good reason for over-planting. The first few years we had this garden, we had an awful squash bug problem. I would dutifully plant my cukes, and they would produce a small handful of fruit before succumbing to the bugs. I compensated by planting LOTS of vines, so we could enjoy a few more fun salads in the summer. Last year, I planted a new variety, and got bushels. But, last summer was odd – very cold and wet – and I wasn’t sure how big a role the weather played in that bumper crop.

I know now.

This summer is the polar-opposite of last year – unusually hot and dry. And the cukes just keep on coming! Safe to say, I will never plant anything but this one again.

So, what to do with this bounty? I’ve run through the list of cucumber salads already – what might be different?

Mmmmm, watermelon…

This could be the start of a beautiful salad...

Like most cucumber salads, this one is quick and easy to put together, but needs time to chill before serving. An hour in the fridge is good, but longer doesn’t hurt.

Basic Instructions:

Peel cucumbers, and scoop out the seeds if they’re large. Cut into bite-sized pieces, and toss in a bowl.

Peel and seed watermelon – or use a seedless and skip it. Cut into bite-sized pieces, and toss in a bowl.

You should have roughly equal amounts of cukes and melon.

Sprinkle with a little salt, a little black pepper, and a couple of tablespoons of rice vinegar (or white wine vinegar, or sherry vinegar, or whatever kind you like). Chop a couple of tablespoons of fresh basil – I used Thai basil, but regular works too – or fresh mint.

Stir it around, put it in the fridge, and enjoy!

Cool summer goodness.

It’s as beautiful to look at as it is tasty. If your family leaves any, it will keep for two or three days.

Now, I’m off to find a water-bath canner. Think I’ll try to make some pickles this year…


4 thoughts on “Cucumbers!

  1. Beautiful cucumbers and water melon–wish I had some of both, but not together. I am a purist….watermelon is to be enjoyed by itself and must be the pink kind!! Like cucumbers also but in salads greens and tomatoes. Makes me hungry right now and I only have store bought greens and tomatoes…if only Rhode Island was on the way home from the store then I would purchase some of your produce. But it is not to be…..:(

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