Late-Summer Sunset

Sunset after a storm

Late summer in New England. After a brief but intense afternoon storm, the sky blazed orange and salmon as the sun sank over the western edge of the island.

Summer is waning, and with it, our daylight hours. The sun rose this morning at 5:56, and will set tonight at 7:40. 13 hours and 43 minutes. Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was June, with its 15 hour days, and twilight lasted past 9?

The weather is still hot, the leaves are still green, but the sky is whispering, “Fall…”


4 thoughts on “Late-Summer Sunset

  1. It is encouraging to know that fall is talking to you. In time it will get to the burning southwest. We did have a “tease” this week with rain and temps below 100. And…. tomorrow morning we are predicted to be 67. I may smell fall when I go out to get the paper!!

    • You’d never know from our daytime high temps that fall was on the way, but it’s been below 70 at night for the last week, so that’s progress…

      Thank goodness we had the air conditioner put in last Spring!

    • You’ll get Fall and Winter out there, Butterfly, just later than we do up here. I’ll post lots of pictures to help with your homesickness. (Although, after Joey gets there next month, I doubt it will be so bad…)

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