Pictures for a Dogsick Girl

Talked to the Butterfly on the phone on Thursday. She had a request.

“Would you please take some pictures of my dogs and post them? I miss them…”

Here ya’ go, Kiddo:





Summer afternoon on the porch

Hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Pictures for a Dogsick Girl

  1. So I’m pretty sure its because I’m pregnant, but I totally started to cry. I miss my puppies so much…maybe more than I miss some of my friends. Cleo’s face is so white now! I miss my first babies. Chloe looks like she has lost even more weight and I’m sure that is thanks to John running her every morning. Congrats on the pickles and the sweet viewedge 🙂
    I love you, mom!

    • Didn’t mean to make you cry, Butterfly! Cleo is starting to slow down a little, but she still has plenty of energy to go chase those nasty rabbits out of the yard.

      Your dog does NOT act like she’s 10 years old – she’s still loving her 6 mile walk with John every morning! They did have to have a “discussion” about trying to chase squirrels while on the leash yesterday…

    • They are, indeed, although they do look around for Sarah – going into her room and coming back out, slightly puzzled.

      The big pic of Cleo was a bit of a fluke – I sat down on the sidewalk to shoot, and got a face full of blonde dog almost instantly. Turned out better than expected…

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