Boom and Bust for the Beans

Beans on the ground

It got a little rough around here last week.

Three days of 35 mph winds left broken tree limbs, scattered patio cushions, and downed beanpoles. This was the sad sight that greeted us one morning.

I rushed out as soon as there was a lull in the rain to attempt a rescue. Poles were re-set, roots tamped back into the wet ground, and fingers were crossed that I’d gotten there in time to save some of them.

Now, all we could do was wait and see if it worked.

Damage on the beans

This is the view this morning.  Some of the vines were broken in the fall, others just bruised. The roots seem to be all right, but the weather’s going to be hot again this week, so we’ll see if they’re up to the task.

Broken and bruised

Mother Nature has given my beans a run of hard luck this year. The first planting washed out in the early spring floods. The second was mostly chewed down by the rabbits and voles. Most of these vines are from the third planting. They were just beginning to produce in earnest when this happened. Though I was already resigned to a smaller than normal harvest, this is a little depressing. No dried beans for the soup-pot this year…

New Hope

There are some signs of hope, like this new bloom. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed, and keep watering and picking. And pray that Hurricane Earl takes a pass on us!


4 thoughts on “Boom and Bust for the Beans

  1. J am so sorry about the beans. I had one tomato plant and it had one tomato. However my friends have given me enough to keep enough. I have really worked today. I lost something and of course when I started looking I cleaned out drawers,
    several of them.Maybe I will sleep better.
    Love you Nana

    • It’s like eating potato chips – can’t do just one! I started mopping up a spill on the stovetop last week, and wound up scrubbing the racks before the day was over!

      Didn’t know you had a tomato plant this year, in your cute little courtyard. It’s great to have friends who can keep you supplied when you don’t grow enough…

      Love you, too!

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