First of September

Morning Mist

The mist hangs heavy in the still air this morning. Even at first light, the coming heat is evident. By noon, a haze will cover everything. The birds will be silent, waiting for the relative  cool of the evening before becoming active again.

It’s the first of September, and no fresh Autumn breeze greeted me this morning. A storm is coming, and the world is holding its breath.

A sign of the season's turning

And yet, life goes on at its measured pace. The hydrangeas fade from blue to cream, then to a ripe burgundy, as they do every fall. The swallows are flocking, preparing to leave us for their winter homes.  Monarch butterflies flit across the yard.

wild grapes

Over in the woods, the Concord grapes are ripe. You only have to follow your nose to find them – the entire area smells of sweet wine and grape jelly.

goldenrod in bloom

If September has a color, it has to be yellow. Goldenrod, ripening wheat, school buses… not to mention the blazing yellow foliage that will come later in the month.

I’ll leave you with a few more photos before I go start my storm prep. A direct hit is looking less-likely, but we’re still in for some high winds and heavy rain. Wish us all luck…

Jewel weed


Ripening pears


6 thoughts on “First of September

  1. Love the pictures!! and the writing, too. Reminds me of how you called from France and talked Sarah and me through the things we should do to get ready for a storm. The next day there was a huge tree down across East Main Road. Sarah was driving and followed the directions around the tree and did just fine.

    I remember, too, the plane full of ladies coming to Providence for a church conference. When they got their first glimpse of the trees along the runway, the oohs and aahs were all around the plane. Your yellow is different from yellow anywhere else. Magnificent!!

    • I did the grocery shopping yesterday, and saw crews out all over town taking down large branches that could be threats to power lines. They’re thinking ahead this time…

      I’ve got the Boy over here this morning to help get everything tucked away and get the pears harvested. Think I’ll make pickles while the storm rages tommorrow.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures. I have been concerned about all of you because of the storm. You are in my prayers. Take care
    of you! Love you Nana

  3. Here is one more pra-er for your safety and strength of your trees, house, garden and animals.Be sure you have all the ingrediennts for the pickles–you don’t want to go out in the storm!!!
    Aunt Sue

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