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Can it have been a year already? Doesn’t seem possible, but a glance through the archives tells the tale. Looking through them this weekend was a fun bit of nostalgia – James and the Giant Bus, the Snowpocolypse, my Butterfly’s flight… a year’s worth of personal memories.

I want to take a minute to thank all of you out there who read this, whether you stop by daily, weekly, or stumble upon it by accident. You keep me going. One of my main goals when I started this last September was simply to write more. I’ve always loved it, but over the years, I got out of the habit. It was always something to do ‘later.’ When I did put pen to paper, I was the only reader. Knowing that all of you are out there – even on the days when ‘all of you’ means my Mom and Nana – helps focus my scattered brain. I’m more organized than I ever thought possible. It’s easy to put things off when no one is looking, but inviting all of you to be my audience has kept me moving forward.

Thank you, a thousand times over…

I noticed something else on my trip down memory lane – that what began as a collection pretty random topics has begun to take direction. A theme has emerged – one that reflects the things at the core of my life. A love of  the land, and all things growing and living on it. Good, healthy food from my garden and the gardens of my friends and neighbors and local farmers. Sharing the beauty of the place I live and places I visit with others around the world.

With that in mind, I’ve done some fine-tuning around here. Some of the things you may have noticed already, like the e-mail, print, and tweet buttons at the bottom of each post. I plan to do more recipes, so I thought the ‘print’ button was a good idea, just in case anyone actually wants to make one of them – who wants to take their computer to the kitchen? E-mail lets you send a post to someone else who might like it. I don’t know what you might want to do with ‘tweet’, but it’s there, just in case.

The tag line under the blog title has also changed to better reflect most of my content. Have no fear, far-flung family! I have no intention of stopping the flow of updates about the kids. After all,  there is a new grandbaby on the way! Everyone else is certainly excused from reading about them. Unless you want to, of course… 

I never expected to have many non-family readers,but life is full of surprises. It’s always a treat to find that someone from half a world away has been here. But, as the new folks never changed my diapers or participated in any teenage mayhem with me, I thought it was time to change that snarky little ‘about’ page into something more descriptive – and accurate. Check it out, and let me know what you think. (No, there’s no picture there yet. If I ever find time to get a hair cut, I’ll think about it…)

So, one more time, THANK YOU for a great first year!   – Marie


4 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Thank you, Marie for a lot of fun but informing articles. You are a very good writer. I look forward to what you will say to us readers next. As a long time friend of your mom, I do not mind the “family” references as she and I have kept one another up to date re our children. I don’t travel much but have felt like I have actually been to your neck of the woods thru your pictures and descriptions. Again, thanks for the canning booklet…Who knows, I might actually can something besides peas and beans one of these days!!

  2. Yoou have taught me much, kid, and have let me in on the lives of family might never have known. Looking forward to more.
    Aunt Sue

  3. It’s been a year of looking into your lives in a way that I never could have done from so far away. I have laughed and cried with your stories of James and the giant bus to Sarah’s leaving. The photos are marvelous. I can usually tell where you were standing when you took a picture, which makes me feel a part of it.

    I’m looking forward to more. It brightens my day to see your header appear in the email. Thanks so much for your blog


  4. Ok, one reply for everyone:

    Janis: You and my Mom have been friends for so long that you fall into the “honorary family” catagory. I’m grateful for your continued prescence here. And, you’re still one-up on me – I’m scared of pressure canners!

    Aunt Sue: Your comments mean so much, especially since the time we’ve spent in the same place over my life is measured in hours and not days. That may be, but your energy has always made an impression on me… Can I be you when I grow up? 🙂

    Mom: Thanks for being Mom. You sent the link for this blog around, and brought all these other folks in. Even on the slow days, I know you’re out there reading this… Love you!

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