We’re All A-Buzz…

Bees on the wall

As anyone who has been reading here for any length of time knows, I strive to make our place welcoming for the local wildlife. There is food, shelter and water available year-round for a whole host of creatures, large and small. I don’t even mind sharing the food I grow for us (a little bit) if it means I can watch nature in action.

I do draw the line at sharing my house…

While doing an evening walk-around recently, my attention was drawn to the upper wall on the north side of the house. A small army of bees were swarming around, crawling on the bricks and, much to my dismay, under the trim and into the wall.

“Oh, bother…” As Pooh would say.

Wanting to be a responsible gardener, I got on the phone the next morning to local bee-keeper Jeffrey Mello of Aquidneck Island Apiaries. I met Jeff at the farmer’s market last fall, and fortunately had saved his business card. He came out that afternoon to take a look.

Jeff Mello's truck

Originally, he planned to take the trim down and capture the bees. He also scheduled it for last Friday, the day that (non) Hurricane Earl showed up. The removal was postponed until this last Tuesday, and the plan had to change, too.

“I’ve never seen this before this year,” he told me. “And now I’ve seen it twice in a month – yellow jackets and honeybees sharing the same space.”

With the aggressive yellow jackets far out-numbering the bees, he decided it would be better to drive the bees out with a scent (“Kinda’ almond-y,” he said. “they hate that.”) and seal the entrances. Sure enough, the bees left en-masse almost immediately, and took off for parts unknown. Since this part of the house was remodeled earlier this year, the bees wouldn’t have been there long enough to create much of a comb – a great relief to me; an abandoned hive with honey can cause damage by attracting other pests. Jeff sealed up all of the spots where he could see the yellow jackets getting into the house. Three days later, there are still some buzzing about, looking for a way back in, but not so many that I can’t work in that part of the yard.

While I was hoping that this would be a great opportunity to photograph a bee rescue, it turned out a bit less exciting. But, I am talking to Jeff about bringing some hives out here next spring. He does all the work to maintain them, and I get steady pollinators – and a little honey. We’ll work on a good place to locate them this winter.

That’s not the only thing we’re buzzing about around here – look what I found at the airport…

It's a Butterfly!

Sarah is back to collect her Joey and move him – along with the rest of their stuff – to Tennessee. Her ‘little’ brother hugged her so hard, I thought he would break her…

The baby-belly grows!

Baby Niko seems to be growing right along. Her doctor is happy, and things are good for her. They leave next Wednesday for the long drive home.  If my posts are a little erratic over the next few days, you’ll know why…


4 thoughts on “We’re All A-Buzz…

  1. Glad you got the bee/yellow jacket situation taken care of. I went bare-footed when I was young until I stepped on a bee….last time I did that….shoes for me even though I am from Arkansas!! (I can say that, no one else can…:)

    Your daughter looks really beautiful–hope this means she is feeling good…good luck to her and her better half as they make their journey…

    Thanks for the updates and enjoy your kids while you have them.

    • I’ve been stung twice in my life – both times on the foot. The first time I was barefoot and stepped on one, the second time I was wearing sandals and KICKED it. Oh, well… Nothing stops me from going barefoot except the cold!

      She seems to be feeling well, and there’s no doubt that she’s happy – Thanks for your good wishes.

  2. The smile on James’ face speaks volumes!! He must miss her a lot. The pictures are great, I have trouble looking anywhere else on the screen. I hope they have a safe trip home to Tennessee.

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