Walking the Dogs

Early Morning, Early Fall

My dogs love their morning walks.

Every morning, rain, sun, sleet or snow, they walk with John. First Cleo, the Golden Retriever (also known as ‘Blondie’) goes for a couple of miles. Then they come home. He picks up Chloe, alias, the Carrot Thief, and they walk for two hours. She would go all the way to Connecticut, but there are other things that have to be done in a day!  It’s almost three solid hours of walking!

This week, he’s in France on business, so the walk falls to me. And James, who is keeping me company and learning to cook a few things while he’s here.

We are NOT doing 11 miles.

But, we do see some beautiful things on our early morning sojourns.

Sunflower at Sunrise

This perennial sunflower soars 8 feet into the air beside a neighbor’s ramshackle tool shed. The light through the petals brings to mind a cathedral window…

Chicory in Bloom

Midway between earth and sky, the chicory is resurgent in the early-Autumn cool. The delicate blue flowers have but a few more weeks…

Giant Puffball

Down on the ground, at the edge of the road – and, perhaps, only beautiful to me – the mushrooms have begun to sprout. When I first spied this one, 24 hours earlier, it was the size of a small pebble. Now, it’s as big as my fist.

John will be home later this week, and I’m sure the dogs will be happy to get back to their regular routine – as will I. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy the sights a bright, new day has to offer…


4 thoughts on “Walking the Dogs

  1. I am very happy to know THE NEW about Sarah !….
    So, Mary, sorry, you will be a grand mother………..
    John’s assistante in Paris

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