Ahhh, October…

My favorite month in New England… 

Morning Sky


The days dawn bright and cool. By noon, the sun is warm, and the jackets are laid-aside. At sunset, the chill breeze returns. A sweater is welcome when stepping out to view the rising moon. 

Doves on the Power Line


The nesting season ended, doves, swallows and others who spent the summer in small family groups now flock together. Most of the swallows have already left us for their winter homes. The doves will stay, and keep us company through the long, dark season to come. 

Blueberry leaves beginning to turn


The bright yellows, reds, and oranges of Fall have begun to sweep away the greens of summer. The Black Walnut and willow trees have started to shed their leaves in earnest. All will be bare by the next full moon. 

Pumpkins in the Field

Down the road at Sweetberry Farm, the pumpkins are ripe. Apple-picking is in full-swing at all the local orchards. The last of the sweet corn, summer squash and field tomatoes are being brought in. 

It’s the gentle season here in the Northeast. Welcome to October.


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