Looking Back

Fall colors

Well, our weather has turned. Time to banish the shorts and swimsuits from the drawer, and collect the sweaters from their summer homes. After a spectacular Columbus Day yesterday, we’ve had to admit that we’ve seen the last 70-degree day until next May.

I spent a good portion of the day cleaning some things up in the vegetable garden.  Weeding, adding compost to the already-empty beds, pulling the dead leaves off the bean poles… The kind of work that the Hands can do by themselves, while the Brain wanders elsewhere.

It didn’t go far – as the saying goes, it’s too little to be out on its own – but rather stayed right in the garden, reflecting on the successes and disappointments of the season just past…

Tomato Towers in the Spring

These re-purposed rose obelisks – tomato cages, in my garden – were far and away the most successful addition to the garden this year. They withstood a day of 35mph sustained winds, loaded down with fruit and vines, with nary a wiggle. If only the bean poles had fared so well…

Sad, isn't it?

With any luck, the store where I bought the tomato cages will have more next Spring, so I can dispense with the teepee set-up. As an added bonus, I can wrap the bottom in hardware cloth to foil the marauding small mammals that ate this year’s first planting of beans…

And, speaking of tomatoes…

Insanely prolific and tasty cherry tomatoes

How come no one ever told me how good cherry tomatoes were? I thought the only thing they were good for was to throw a few in a salad…. This summer, I’ve sliced them thin and put them on homemade pizza, roasted them in the oven with sausages, and made the easiest tomato sauce in the world with them – not to mention the fact that John eats them out of the bowl on the counter like they were candy… I will never go another summer without them in my garden!

Victorian Morning Glory

I have to say, this flower was a major disappointment. (Yes, I know it’s not a veggie, but I can see it from the vegetable garden!) I purchased the seeds in the early Spring at the Boston Flower Show. An heirloom morning-glory with ruffled bright-pink blooms sure sounded like a winner…

Can you see the flowers?

Turns out, the flowers are so small that they get lost in the jungle of foliage. It did do a nice job of covering the trellis once the rabbits stopped nibbling on it! Next year, another variety…

The Fall Bed

The fall bed, source of both pride, and shame… Proud of the fact that it was planted on-time this year, so the veggies in it can mature. Mid-August seems just about right. Embarrassed by the empty section at the end, though. I bought spinach seeds to go there, and never got around to planting them… Lesson learned – order everything you want to plant at once, so it’s all in one spot when you’re ready for it…

Oh, and keep your shadow out of the pictures…


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