Sign of the Season

You know it’s really Fall when…

Canada Geese in Flight

The geese are flying over by the hundreds…


9 thoughts on “Sign of the Season

  1. on a wing……..with a side of stuffing 🙂

    We’re seeing the flocks out here as well; next week Duck season opens local and I’m really thinking about putting up a “Rabbit Season” sign or 2….. just for the heck of it.

    Ain’t I a stinker???????

  2. And they will come here, too!! Beautiful birds but nasty, nasty creatures when they have been on a walking trail!! Try to keep some in RI!!!

  3. I tried more than once to send a reply but could not get it to
    go. Maybe this one will. Your pictures have been so pretty
    and of course your telling about all of it is wonderfull.
    You promised to send your picture when you got a hair cut
    WELL where are the pictures?
    Love you Nana

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