Can it really be? Halloween is over. The downhill slide into the Holidays begins…

Before all the madness begins, take some time to drink-in the serenity of  Fall…

The thermometer hit 33 this morning, but a brisk breeze kept the frost from settling. With nights in the 3o’s forecast for the week, it’s safe to say we’ve done our last mowing for the season. Time to bring to plow-blade back from storage, and send the mower in for its winter rest…

Over in the fens, the seed heads of the marsh grasses are dry and brittle. With every breeze, they shred into tiny, snowflake-like pieces, reminding us of what’s to come…

The cold brought out the bright orange bittersweet berries. For most of the year, I am at war with this plant, which strangles as it twines, and seeds with wild abandon. Today, I have a different view. I see it as a symbol of the week – a week that began yesterday with the passing of a very dear friend; a week that will end with my Butterfly’s wedding… A living reminder that life is bitter-sweet, indeed…


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