Joe and Sarah November 6, 2010

… Mr. and Mrs. Steinmetz!

Got back from Tennessee late last night, after a great visit with the Butterfly and her Guy. Yes, they’re all married now…

I’ll try and get the other photos posted and linked tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Introducing…

    • That’s my Butterfly! We found that at Hobby Lobby the day before, and she just had to wear it. The lady who did the professional photos only shot her from the other side… I guess she didn’t think it was as cool as we did…

  1. Sarah amd Joe,
    May you always b as happy as you were on that day.

    A beautiful ceremony with all the personal touches.
    Peacr and happinesns to the new family..and Good Luck
    with Niko.

    G.Aunt Sue

    • Thank you, Great aunt Sue 🙂 Your kind words are so very welcomed and enjoyed.

      And thank you to everyone. We appreciate it very much and are happy to know we are around so many who care.

      Sarah & Joe

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