Last Hours in Dijon

Snow on the well at the Ducal Palace

The snow stopped before dawn, leaving a light fluffy carpet in the parks and on the lawns. Children laughed and scooped up handfulls to toss at their siblings – and sometimes, their parents. A teenage girl shreiked when her friend dumped a cold lump down the back of her jacket. I watched them from the window of the hotel room as we packed to leave.

It was a wonderful visit, one I hope to repeat soon. But it wasn’t quite over – we still had a few hours before the train took us back to Paris. The Musee des Beuax Arts was the perfect way to while away the time we had left.

This guy gives new meaning to the phrase 'snow-capped'

The museum is in the Dukes’ Palace, and displays art ranging from 15th century religious pieces to modern 20th century paintings and sculpture. Like most other museums in France, the building that houses it is as impressive as the art itself. Several rooms are simply set with period furniture to give a sense of what the Dukes’ lifestyle was like.

Imagine this view from your chamber window, as you ply your needlework in front of a roaring fire… In surroundings like these, it’s hard not to slip into fantasy mode!

After the museum, we made a quick swing through Dijon’s tiny Marche de Noel, which had opened the night before. I bought myself a new winter hat – snow is good for some buisnesses! – and took a few pictures, like the one in the new December header at the top of the page.

 We had just enough time to stop and eat lunch before the train. Now, as most of you know, I’m not one to photograph the food in restaurants. My own recipes, in my own kitchen (where it won’t bother anyone) yes. But not out in public. I HAD to share this with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best cheeseburger EVER…

What made it so special? The cheese – a runny, ripe Epoisses. If you like cheese, this is one you have to try. I will dream about this burger….

Hey! One more reason to go back!

On the road – or ‘tracks’, I should say – again today. I’ve learned how to post from my phone, but not how to answer your comments… So sit tight, and I’ll get back to you soon!


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