Parisian Snowpocolypse

We had a little snow here in Paris on Wednesday, did you hear?

My plan was to get lots of pictures of the unique and creative Christmas decorations on the storefronts of our neighborhood to share with all of you.

I got a few… Ok, I got one:

But by the time we finished lunch about 2 pm, the snow was falling thick and fast. In a city that rarely gets more than a dusting, this was a problem. The narrow streets were slushy. Drivers unaccustomed to the conditions drove too fast, sometimes sliding onto the sidewalks. We elected to return to the safety of the apartment.

We heard a little later that De Gaulle Airport had closed for a few hours so that they could clear the runways. The buses stopped running. The Eiffel Tower was shut down. The news was showing pictures of the traffic jams on the major highways

Our own street was a mess, as you see above. ( I took this one for Ollie, who I don’t think saw a single snowflake the entire year he lived here…) By nightfall, the streets were deserted, and we were able to walk safely around the corner to the Thai restaurant. The owners, who we have known for years, said they had two large parties cancel because of the snow. We were one of three tables…

The sun came out Thursday morning, bright and cold. The streets and sidewalks were treacherous with frozen slush, but life slowly returned to normal. The newswires said it was the largest one-day snowfall in Paris in 25 years – 4 inches. Shut the city right down.

Sound like a certain American capitol city?


3 thoughts on “Parisian Snowpocolypse

    • Best thing about this snow?

      I didn’t have to shovel it!

      It’s mostly gone now, but what’s left keeps re freezing. They were trying to clean the sidewalks with the street sweeper. Wound up looking more like they polished it…

  1. Are you coming home on the 13th? Can you receive regular email? I ordered the fruit today, told them to have it there after the 15th. I sent a small box of cornice pears for Sarah and whoever she decides to share with.

    Have a safe trip

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