A Special Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping is in full-swing now, with all of its attendant stress. Is this a glove year, or a pajama year for Grandma? Can’t remember which we gave last year… Would Dad actually want a hat that holds 2 cans of beer? … Um, maybe not…

How about a goat?

For more than 65 years, Heifer International has been guided by the motto, “A cow, not a cup.” The strategy – to bring farm animals into impoverished communities world-wide, to teach the skills needed to raise, care for, and profit from these gifts, and to spread the wealth throughout the community by “Passing on the gift” – an agreement by the recipiant to pass along the first offspring of the new livestock. They have programs in 50 countries, including the US.

Just a suggestion, if you happen to be “stuck” for a gift idea… One year, we gave my Mama a Llama!

Check them out at heifer.org


2 thoughts on “A Special Christmas Gift

  1. LOVE your post today. I have also received bees, chicks and ducks for Christmas, but the llama was the best!!! I hope to have another gift of an animal for this wonderful program….. hint, hint!!!

    hope you have a safe trip home


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