First Snow

It’s a bright, sunny day now, but Sunday was a little different…

Our first snow of the year blew in to the region about noon, with hurricane-force winds. We didn’t wind up with the kind of totals that New York and New Jersey did (Thankfully!), but 6-plus inches of wind-driven snow presents issues of its own…

The surface of the moon, or my front field?


Especially if, at some point in the night, there was sleet and/or rain mixed in.

The top-coat of ice, coupled with the packing-force of 60 mph winds made for some tough shoveling. While John drove the plow up and down the road – the snow was heavy enough to give the tractor some trouble as well – James and I shoveled the walks and dug-out the cars.

Swirls in the snow


One thing about a wind-driven snowfall – you wind up with some very interesting patterns. The wind carves and molds, leaving a landscape that would make the finest sculptors green with envy…

serpentine snow

 While the winds howl, wraith-like snow devils dance across the fields. Humans and animals hunker down, hiding from the flying crystals that seem to rip and tear at exposed flesh.  The storm is a living thing; malevolent, bent on destruction.

Then, it ends. Either spent, or moved-on, the wind drops and the snow stops. Silence descends.

Slowly, creatures begin to emerge. Two-legged and  four, feathered and furred, we all begin to assess the storm’s impact. Hunt for food, search for damage (nothing more than some downed limbs on that front).

And, for the keen-eyed,  a few delightful surprises…

The swirling winds of the blizzard twisted this blade of grass to create a perfect circle in the snow

Crop -er, Snow - circle?


4 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. For some reason, my comments went into outer space and did not post to your website. What I wrote, I think is thanks for pictures; loved the mystery concerning the circles–maybe a new resident in your area? The sculptures were outstanding. As a resident of the south, I enjoy from afar your winter scenes. Hopefully this time the comments make it to you! 🙂

    • I’ve had problems myself the last few days – I think there are a lot more people online than at a ‘normal’ time… Fortunately, this comment made it through!

      The little round holes in the picture are rabbit tracks. What caught my attention is the faint complete circle in the middle, caused by the wind whipping that long blade of grass around on the surface of the snow… See it?

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