Five Fun Things About Snow

Pond in Winter

I try very hard to be a ‘glass half-full’ person.

That said, it is decidedly difficult to find anything nice about a snowstorm while you are out shovelling the stuff… Or, worse, driving in it. But with distance comes perspective, and a day or two after a storm I can find a way to appreciate it. A little bit.

Stream in Winter

The first, best thing I can say about snow is that it’s silent. You might even say it creates its own silence – sucking the noise of modern life right out of the atmosphere and burying it beneath a thick, white blanket. Step out early in the morning, just as the sun is rising on a snowy day. The birds are not yet awake. The neighbors are snug in their beds, not yet ready to battle the drifts around their cars. Even that 5am flight that passes overhead every morning seems muted. Nothing but the sighing of the wind, and the soft ‘crunch-crunch’ of your steps.


Herb Garden in the Snow

 Snow is an insulating blanket for the plants. (I repeat this to myself as I shovel. Over and over.) It keeps the roots of perennials from freezing, and mitigates the drying effect of icy winds.  When below-freezing temperatures are forecast for citrus-growing regions, the trees are sprayed with water to form a layer of ice on the tender fruit. Because there is a tiny layer of above-freezing water between the fruit and the ice, it is protected from the frosty weather. Same principle.

It also provides much-needed moisture. As it slowly melts, the gardens absorb the water. The hard rains of late winter puddle-up or run-off , if they’re too hard. Snow keeps all the plants well-watered.

Ice on a Grapevine

It can create stunning beauty in an everyday landscape. You just have to be willing to look…

Snow on a vine

And sometimes, things that just make you laugh…  I nearly knocked this off with my nose before I saw it! It did make a good picture, though!


On the subject of pictures, the snow makes a much better background for the birds than the dry leaves…

Mouse Tracks

 More fun still, it can serve as a ‘guest register’ – a record of the visitors in the yard.

Rabbit Tracks




coyote - it's too small to be one of my dogs!

 Almost all of this snow has melted, but they’re saying more of Friday.

Sigh. I just have to remember these things while I shovel…


2 thoughts on “Five Fun Things About Snow

  1. Super photos!! I especially like the animals signing the guest register with their tracks. Thanks for your reminder that there is always a “half full” aspect to life.

    • Trust me, some days are easier than others for remembering that… Like when Chloe’s small-footed cousins kill something under your bedroom window, and then sing for all their friends to come to the party…

      Why yes, it was kinda’ loud around here last night… why do you ask? 🙂

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