Squirrels Are Evil…

He's INSIDE my bird feeder!



Wish the coyotes would eat them…


8 thoughts on “Squirrels Are Evil…

  1. I agree about the squirrels!! Last summer, my hubby and grandson set out “humane” traps (cages) and caught over a dozen of them. All but one were released into the woods far away from town. The one not released must have died of fear or thirst before being released….They also caught one rabbit and one possum (that was a big surprise).. It was a new thing for pap-pa L and Matthew to do…one that Matthew won’t forget for a long time. In fact when the possum got caught, Matthew woke us up early to announce it!! (Glad I am a “girl” and do not have to take of squirrel business)…

    • You’ve got that right! I got that ‘squirrel-proof’ feeder last year – it’s got the panels that close over the seeds when something big tries to get in. It was funny to watch them try…

      This year, he figured out how to pull the lid off…

      Who inherits the earth when the humans are gone, squirrels or raccoons?

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