While the Garden Sleeps

The vegetable garden sleeps...

Beneath its fluffy white blanket, the garden is settled in for its winter’s nap.

The gardener is another story…

Looking out on the snow-covered landscape, I can’t help but think that what I feel must be somewhat akin to a painter facing a new white canvas – the urge to create something that fills the void…

Seed Catalogs on my desk

… And having a new one of  these stuffed into my mailbox on a daily basis only makes the urge grow stronger!

But before I jump headlong into making lists and ordering seeds, I need to make a few resolutions for the garden.

Too Many Cucumbers!

Garden Resolution #1: I will not over – plant cucumbers for the third year in a row. Now that I’ve found a reliable variety, ONE salad cuke vine is enough. And, being more restrained will open-up space for pickling-types. Now that I know how to make pickles – and enjoy it! – it only seems logical.

If I plant too many of those, you all have permission to laugh at me…

Sad Beans

Garden Resolution #2: I will take better care to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. This was the first time that the tomatoes stayed up and the beans went tumbling down. I know I can’t prevent every mishap of this type – if we get a hurricane, it’s gonna do what it pleases! A little more attention to detail on my part will take care of anything less…


Garden Resolution #3: I will dream big, and plan for what’s achievable. Clearing the back field. Building a barn. Strawberry beds. Asparagus by the dozens. A new garden for the grandkids to play in. Paths, sculptures… the list goes on. If the dream of a whole new orchard results in the planting of one new fruit tree, it’s a victory. It all starts with an idea, after all…

Anyone who wants to see some of the pictures from Sarah’s baby shower last weekend can click the Flickr link in the side bar. Only three more weeks until her due-date!


6 thoughts on “While the Garden Sleeps

  1. The snow is beautiful and I enjoyed your posing. The grandkids could chase each other in a garden, play “dolls” and “cars and trucks”. What a great idea!!! Good luck

    • I would love to make a large sand pit where the kids could play when they’re here, and the grown-ups could play Petanque – it’s kind of like Bocce or lawn-bowling – when they’re not… And a fun enclosed garden for kid-friendly flowers, like giant sunflowers and snapdragons… And… This could take a while….

    • You’re a step ahead of me! I’m still making lists…

      I’d never heard of Comstock until this year, but I’m hoping to do a road-trip to Connecticut this summer to see their place. Promise to take lots of pictures!

      (Listen to me, calling a 2-hour drive a ‘road trip’… I’ve lived in New England for too long…)

  2. Isn’t it just a rush of anticipation when that first seed catalog finds its way to your mailbox!?!? I received my Burgess catalog and have already dreamed my way through it. I loaned it to my dad Monday… (See? I’m good at sharing… LOL) Might ought to follow up on getting that back. I’m itching to browse though it again. (Sharing of garden catalogs only lasts so long….) *wink*

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