Snow Day

Just a few pictures from today’s storm.

We are all well, safe, and warm, as are all the kids.  Hope you’re all the same…


4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I think we got as much snow as you did. I have been IN since
    Sunday. But am going to church tonight. One of my friends will come for me and we will have supper and a Bible study. Our streets are clear so it will be safe. Enjoyed the pictures.
    Love you Nana

  2. Great photos. Glad to hear that you are OK and to have an update from the kids. We have been bitterly cold with the usual wind, wind chills near zero. But, it will be 60 by the weekend.

    • 60 degrees in January, to be followed by -13 in February – possibly.

      Gotta love an Oklahome winter… I remeber going barefoot outside on Christmas Eve as a child. You made me put shoes on, “on principle”…

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