Balm for a winter-weary heart...

Maybe it’s the snow. Or the More Snow that’s coming tonight and tomorrow…

Or Sunday night’s flooded basement…

Or the Patriots’ loss to the evil Jets…

Or the not-so-patient wait by the phone to come and meet my grandson… Yeah, that’s a big one…

I need color...

Whatever the cause(s), I just can’t get my head together. Logically, I know that the basement leak is fixed, we will survive the snow, and Niko will arrive when he decides to – hopefully NOT in a snowstorm – but logic isn’t getting me very far today… Maybe a trip through my photo archive, to visit last spring will help…

How are you getting through the Dark Days?

For the record – in case you care – I am a Green Bay fan for the remainder of the season… a Temporary Cheesehead, if you will…


8 thoughts on “COLOR!

  1. I’m getting through the gloom of fog (literally fog; not just in my head) by keeping busy; clearing out closet space, repairing the fence and other little tasks that need to be completed over the next 14 to 15 days as well as waiting for the phone to ring (or the txt to buzz).

    As for football, all I can say is this:
    MLB Opening day is 10 weeks from today 🙂

  2. We had a little ice and snow overnight so I am home rather than risk a fall on ice. I’m not finding much to do either, Marie, I could run the vacuum, cook, do laundry,….. but I would really rather be at school. So, your pictures are wonderful, it makes me think of spring, which is excellent. I’m looking forward to the weekend football games even though I don’t really care who wins!!

    • I wondered where you were today! I missed you! I’m glad you are ok.
      Speaking of school… Later that day, our student read his tooth sentence to his mom. She had come to observe him in class, and I asked him to read it to her. He read it perfectly. You did a great thing for him with that. He just beamed with pride. You can imagine that beautiful smile of his stretched from ear to ear! Thank you for doing that for him.
      Dorothy and I talked about putting a dollar in the bag with his tooth, just in case the tooth fairy didn’t show up at his house. We both had forgotten by the end of the day, though. I wish I hadn’t missed that opportunity.

      Marie, I’m glad to find another-even if only temporary-Green Bay fan. There aren’t too many of us this far south. But, since Farve left, and things have gone shamefully wrong in his world, I’m not as devout.

      I suppose if I were to try to find something I needed to do today, it would be lesson plans. Ick… LOL

      • Kat – I actually like Green Bay, they’re just not my first choice. I loved Brett – back when he was “BRETT”, and not this idiot that seems to have taken over in the last few years… And Aaron Rodgers has the potential to be a truly great QB, if he can stay healthy…

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