Niko Elliot James Stienmetz

8:23 am. 7lb, 13.5oz. 21 inches long.

In a snowstorm.

Everyone is well!


6 thoughts on “Niko Elliot James Stienmetz

  1. Welcome to this great, beautiful world, Niko!!! Such a beautiful baby..Congrats to parents, grandparents and great gran…:)

  2. Well, this is the post I’ve been checking daily for…..he is just beautiful! I’ll go call your Great Aunt Sue right now to make sure she see this! Congrats to all…..

  3. Thank you, everyone! They are all doing well, and going home from the hospital today. I finally got home about 3 this morning, and am trying to work.

    It’s kinda’ slow going… 🙂

    I’ve passed along all your lovely wishes to the kids, and they thank you, too, for all the kind words and prayers!

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