Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

Dear Niko,

 Oh, my! I can’t believe you’re finally here! Judging from the expression on your face, neither can you…

It was so exciting when your Mommy called to say you were on the way. It was scary, too, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a snowstorm keep me from driving up to meet you!  Lucky for me, there are some very nice big trucks on the road at 3 in the morning – so many that I could follow in their tire-tracks all the way up. We all drove soooo slow, so we could be safe. Thank you for waiting until I got there to be born!

You won’t remember this part, because you slept through so much, but this is pretty much how you spent your first day. Your Mommy and Daddy just couldn’t stop looking at you – this perfect little guy who is coming home with them! Ok, your Grandmommy did a fair amount of watching you sleep, too. And counting fingers and toes…


That is, whenever your Daddy let someone else hold you!

It was so much fun getting to know you that I didn’t mind too much when Granddad John called and told me not to try to come home because of the ice on the road. It was nice to come back early the next morning and spend the day with you and your Mommy, since Daddy had to go to work and stuff. 

 Some of Mommy and Daddy’s friends came by in the afternoon. First was Britt, and then Juanita and Nicky. I’m so glad Mommy and Daddy are surrounded by good people like them!  They’ve known your Daddy for a very long time, and will be around to help you grow up big and strong. Good friends are important, Little One…

You were pretty worn out by the time Daddy got back from work at midnight, but who wouldn’t be? Things were quiet and dark and warm where you were just a day earlier, now it’s all bright and cold and loud and strange. All-in-all, I think you adjusted pretty well!

It was really hard to leave to go back home when Daddy got there, but I knew it was time. I’ll be back to see you soon, and so will some of your other family members. Why, your Daddy’s mom, Grandma Sarah, will be there on Friday, all the way from Oklahoma! and you have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Other Grandparents, some GREAT-grandparents and a GREAT- GREAT Grandmother who can’t wait to meet you!

Until then, Little One, be good for Mommy and Daddy. Be patient with them, too – they’re as new at this as you are…

Your Grandmommy loves you!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

  1. The pictures are great, I was hoping for more. I wish I could hold him too. Thanks for sending the pictures. I love him already.
    Love Nana

    • WHOOPS! Curse my muddle-headed self for leaving out a certain GREAT-GREAT-NANA… It’s fixed, now.

      More pictures will be up on the Flickr as Sarah sends them to my phone. I asked her yesterday to try and get an ‘eyes open’ pic… Not much luck, yet.

      Love you, too!

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