See what that says? 41.9 degrees. In February!

It’s so strange, the way our bodies adjust to temperatures. In September, this would be oh-my-gosh-where’s-my-winter-hat weather. Today, it’s practically short-sleeves! Let’s hope we don’t make it to 50, we might be tempted to break out the bathing suits…

It rained hard Saturday night, taking away the top 31/2 inches of snow cover.There are still deeper drifts in some places, of course, and getting around in it isn’t easy. With no major snow events in the forecast for the week ahead, it shouldn’t get any worse.

The south-facing slopes in the yard are actually bare in some places, particularly near the house. And look what was hiding under all that snow:

Daffodil shoots! Maybe the groundhog was right!


2 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Hi,all the body and specially NIKO : he is borned in a snow storm ? Normal, his father is from Norvège, a man who blow the cold, but also a strong nature !
    Florence from Paris

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