Ah, March… Thought you’d never get here!

(Honestly, it was so bad that I declared last Saturday -3 March, as opposed to 26 February…)

But now, you’re here, in all your sunny, windy glory, bringing the promise of flowers and fruit.

Our month of March begins with an average daily high of 43. By the end of the month, that’s 53.

The downside? Our average March snowfall is 5.2 inches…

No more…please?

We still have this stuff hanging around!

Special Note: Happy one-month birthday, Niko!


6 thoughts on “March

  1. Your Grams would agree with Florence. She said any snow that hung around more than 3 days (remember this is in AR) was waiting for another one. Lovely pictures, email to you about Niko


    • I don’t know if “grass” is quite right… but there’s green stuff! Since the whole yard was covered by snow all winter, it never dried out, so the weeds stayed green.

      It IS refreshing after months of unrelieved white…

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