Little Sprouts

Something’s up in my basement!

LOTS of somethings, to be honest…

These are the pansies The Boy and I planted the last week of January. All nice and sturdy, they’ve had a couple of squirts of liquid seaweed fertilizer to keep them going strong. Now that they all have a set of true leaves, I need to decide if I’m going to separate the seedlings into individual pots, or just clip-out the extras and leave one strong plant in each…

Whichever way we go, they’re sure to be blooming for Easter.

The pansies aren’t the only things green in the Downstairs Farm. This flat of chamomile seeds and flowering tobacco is off to a roaring start! Umm, which plants are which? They look so much alike…

Yeah, I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago. Just because the adult plants look nothing alike, never assume that the seedlings will be just as easy to tell apart. When mature, one of these plants will be a 5-foot giant, with big leaves and long, tubular flowers, and the other will barely reach 12 inches and be covered in little white daisies.

The popsicle stick says that the ones on this end are the flowering tobacco (Nicotiana Sylvestris, var. “Peace Pipe”). The “3” means that I planted three of the strips of peat pots with these. A flat holds 5 strips, and there’s another stick that says “chamomile” and “2” on the other end. You know, in case I forget what I planted where.

Don’t laugh. It happens.

Outside a warm, wet wind is blowing from the southwest this morning – “warm” being a relative term. It wouldn’t be pleasant to spend a great deal of time in, as my 10-mile Walkin’ Man can attest, but it’s enough of a change to make me believe that spring might really be coming. The 2-inch tall chive sprouts by the front walk crank that feeling up to 11!

Only a few more weeks until some of these can go on a baked potato… Yum!

Now, how’d you get in here, Little Bear? Do you want to say something?

Oh, you want Grandmommy to tell everyone that she put new pictures on the Flickr page? Your Flickr page?

Well, at this point, I suppose that’s what it is… Click the Flickr link in the sidebar to see more…


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